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07 January 2023

PT KIG won 2nd place in the series of Semen Indonesia Group Innovation Award events

In the framework of the 10th anniversary of PT Semen Indonesia (persero) Tbk at the "Semen Indonesia Group Innovation Award 2022" PT Kawasan Industri Gresik represented by Satrya Dwie P. from the Department of Engineering, Maintenance and Environment won 2nd place in the category "Suggestion System (Office)” on January 7, 2023 in Jakarta. 

get to know more closely what the Bucket Challenge is. The Bucket Challenge is a KIG WTP system using raw water from Tlaga ngipik west. One of the factors affecting the quality of WTP KIG production is the condition of the western Tlaga ngipik. With the condition that the surface of the west ngipik lake is filled with water hyacinth plants, it is necessary to carry out a mandatory routine cleaning agenda at least once a year so that the quality of KIG's WTP production is maintained. The cleaning of water hyacinth uses PC200 heavy equipment. We observed that using PC200 with a standard bucket (Capacity ± 1.2 m3) was very inefficient in terms of execution time and costs. So innovation was carried out by adding bucket capacity from 1.2 m3 to 3.9 m3. With this innovation there is efficiency in work time from 21 days to 8 days, efficiency in renting heavy equipment from Rp. 120,750,000, - to Rp. 46,000,000, -, operator cost efficiency of Rp. 6,300,000, - to Rp. 2.400.000,-

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